MOSSOM CONJURS the spirit of Cleveland on DUO’S DEBUT EP

mossom-stickintheeye-photo_web-feature– MUSIC REVIEW –

by Michael Paredes

Cleveland has long been known as the city that rocks, a city with a musical kinetic energy that surges and soars. Rock outfit MOSSOM deliver this energy on their self-titled EP, bringing together the key components that make this city what it is.
MOSSOM is David Allen Moss on vocals and bass guitar, and Russ Herbert on drums and percussion,
although from listening to the album you’d think they were a five-man band.
They fill each track with sonic clout and a heaviness that doesn’t bare down, but brings the energy to a heightened peak.
Moss sings with a playful ferocity, and on the track “Levels,” when he exclaims numerous times that “It’s gonna raise the levels,” well they certainly do. The song “Stick In The Eye” stings in the best way, with a fun, acidic edge that perfectly blends the bass with Herbert’s drums and percussion.mossom-at-spacerock-0716_web
The EP flows on an even level, with each song ascending and descending fluidly, exploding when necessary and then reeling it in at just the right moment. The music inspires movement from its listeners, placing them in a dark, energetic bubble just waiting to burst. One can’t help but want to dance vigorously along to the heavy beats and catchy riffs.
With six songs and a running time of about 23 minutes, the EP comes in fast and strong and ends in the same manner. Once you’ve been pumped up by its songs, you very may find yourself hitting repeat and getting caught up in a rocking loop.
The EP is currently streaming online and is available on iTtunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play. Contact for performance and press inquiries.


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